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The price includes first vet health check, de-worming, and 1 shot that contains 3 covered diseases. Fully papered full breed

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We are in Fowlerville, Michigan for pickup. Bring a cat carrier for pickup.

We don't ship our animals. 

Bengal cats are full of energy. Bengal cats are extra-hyper when they're young, you must set aside some time to play with them. Regularly playing with your kittens for some time each day will help tone down their energy and will allow you to bond with them. They are constantly exploring their environments, and unlike most cats, they also love water.

 Bengal cats are an affectionate breed of cats and coexist comfortably with humans and pets alike.  

Bengals are known for getting into trouble, but they are trainable

SOLD Blue Male 6 weeks $1000 

Sold Black Female 6 Weeks 

SOLD Green Male 6 Weeks $1000

SOLD Yellow Male 6 Weeks $1000

SOLD White Male 6 Weeks $1000

SOLD Pink Male 6 Weeks  $1000